Monday, April 18, 2016

That’s a crazy idea for a business…

This past week I visited London, which turned out to be a perfect choice for my first vacation overseas.  What an amazing, historical city!

While there, strolling through Covent Garden, I came across the most curious business I’d ever seen.  It took up two store fronts, and bore the name “2theloo.”  I watched, wide-eyed, as customer after customer dropped their coins in a slot and proceeded through the till to use the restroom.  Could this be for real?

I found the company’s website, which promises “public toilets the pleasant way.”  This business first opened its doors in 2011, and now boasts over 200 “toilet stores” worldwide!  In addition to offering a clean, “better than home” experience in the restroom, these stores sell toiletries, gifts and gadgets, provide a platform for artists to display their work, and promote a green planet through sustainable choices.

2theloo is not the only seemingly strange business that has found great success.  There’s the guy who was jilted by his fiancée of three months and started an online business for sellers and buyers of gently used wedding rings (I Do Now I Don’t).  This business has been featured in almost every news publication and talk show across the country since it was founded in 2007.  Its most recent projected annual earnings were $15 million.

Then there’s the business of remembering those who have passed.  The Neptune Memorial Reef will allow you to “deploy” a loved one’s cremated remains into the ocean, in a man-made memorial reef.  Or for a few thousand dollars, Cremation Solutions will turn those ashes into a diamond you can wear forever.  It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of keeping grandma close to your heart!

For those who are still alive and kicking but feeling otherwise after a big night, a couple of college kids in Colorado started their business, Hangover Helpers, offering after-party cleaning services (plus a breakfast burrito and a Gatorade) to party hosts who are too hungover to deal with the mess themselves.  They earned themselves a feature in Forbes magazine, along with loads of customers and a bright future!

I’m almost certain these successful business owners were met with chuckles the first time they announced their intentions.  I laugh now even as I write about them, but I also eye them with awe and respect!  Entrepreneurs are known for being quick-thinkers and idea-generators.  Let this story serve as a reminder that no matter how strange some of those ideas may seem, it’s worth exploring them!


  1. Wow! Those are some crazy businesses! Kudos to them though for making them so successful. I know San Francisco has public restrooms you pay to use, but I doubt they're as nice as the British ones.

  2. Leave it to some Colorado kids to come up with a post-hangover solution. Party on, Buffs!

  3. Love those crazy business concepts and names!