Friday, October 27, 2023

Bring Hersh Home Now

My apologies for not writing about interesting developments in data privacy or intellectual property. My heart is full of sadness and my mind aches for answers to the horrors inflicted by Hamas on innocent civilians.

Young people enjoying a music festival. Babies murdered. Elderly holocaust survivors taken hostage. Parents murdered in front of their children. There is no moral equivalence or justification for these brutal evil acts.

Just a few weeks ago I was discussing the upcoming NBA season with Jon Polin. We are in a fantasy basketball league and love to talk about the Minnesota Timberwolves. We both agree that the Rudy Gobert trade was horrible, but Anthony Edwards is a star.

Jon immigrated to Israel from Richmond, Virginia in 2008 with his wife Rachel and son Hersh who was seven at the time.

After hearing about the Hamas pogrom, I reached out to Jon via WhatsApp to see how he and his family were doing.

His response: Not Good. My son…... He sent me a link to a photo and article about his son Hersh.

Hersh had just turned 23 when he attended a music festival in the northern Negev desert.

You know what happened there.

Hamas murdered 260 innocent young people who attended the concert.

According to eyewitnesses Hersh fought back and was taken hostage with a severely wounded arm.

Saturday morning Hersh texted his parents - “I love you.” “I am sorry.”

They have not heard from him since.

My friends Camille and Ellie Kahn are at the Polin's every day to give support and comfort to Hersh’s two sisters Leebie and Orlie.

Dalya Kahn has organized a Facebook and Instagram effort to bring attention to Hersh

This past week Jon and Rachel were in New York as Rachel addressed the UN.

Please keep Hersh in your hearts and prayers.

Bring Hersh home.