Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Fireworks for Entrepreneurship

Another fourth of July holiday weekend has come and gone and so too with it the excessive amount of food, pool time, and, last—but not least—fireworks!

As a transplant in America, the festivities and excitement for the July 4th holiday always surprised me – until this year. My son, Luca, who is now 18-months, was able to properly celebrate the holiday for the first time. As for most toddlers, for him the holiday was a culmination of all his favorite things to do – eating his favorite foods (especially ice cream and popsicles), playing with his cousins, jumping in the pool, having his dad’s undivided attention, and, of course, watching fireworks.

As I was holding my son, laughing as he said the toddler version of “boom!” every time a firework went off, it dawned on me: celebrations with fireworks are so much like entrepreneurship and corporate America. 

Bear with me – let me explain. As a corporate lawyer, I work crazy hours to help business owners and entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. I am a small part of their big picture. And that big picture usually includes countless hours of work, risk, time away from family and friends, failure, loss, and an incredible amount of perseverance. Not every entrepreneur’s picture is the same, nor is the journey in creating the picture the same, but the end goal is similar: FIREWORKS!

Most people look forward to holidays such as the Fourth of July and mark them on their calendars. This is their celebration. For entrepreneurs, the moment for celebration cannot be determined as precisely. All they know is that may be a moment in time when their dream will turn into a reality, and boom, fireworks! 

Holding my son, his sticky hand holding mine, and watching him giggle with excitement waiting for the next firework to go off made me realize the crazy hours and stress that ultimately aids in the success of my entrepreneurial clients is all well worth it. To all the entrepreneurs out there, your holiday and fireworks moment will come, and it will be well worth it in the end! 

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