Thursday, December 9, 2021

Can’t Afford a New Robot for Christmas? How about the SEC Navigator?

I recently came across this article from earlier this year regarding the “Coolest Robots in 2021.” This isn’t just about robots that can vacuum your carpeting, although I understand that Roomba now has built in Artificial Intelligence to avoid having a pooptastrophe when it smears your dog’s feces all over the place. These robots can help do laundry, unload your dishwasher, eliminate germs (something that remains top of mind almost two years into a global pandemic), or replace your companion animal.

In case you aren’t looking to jump head first into the robot market (because you can’t afford it or maybe it even scares you), how about trying out the SEC’s new “smart navigator” for capital raising? You can find it here. It’s essentially an interactive flow chart (I always loved a good flow chart when I was trying to distill law school content into a helpful one-page tool) that guides you through what exemptions might be available when you are raising private capital. While I’m not worried that it will replace the need for clients to engage with me or a fellow skilled securities lawyer, it seems like it could be a helpful tool for entrepreneurs just starting to contemplate what options are available in raising capital from private investors.

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