Tuesday, April 3, 2018

14th Annual 2018 Minnesota Cup Underway

For those of you who didn’t hear, the Minnesota Cup recently opened for applications (through April 27). Frequent entreVIEW readers know that the Entrepreneurial Services Group at Gray Plant Mooty has been a supporter and sponsor of the Minnesota Cup since its early days.  

For those who aren’t familiar with the Minnesota Cup, it is the largest statewide startup competition in the country. In addition to awarding $2.4 million of seed money to MN startups over the last 13 years, it also affords a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to further develop and refine their business plans, gain access to investors, mentors, entrepreneurs (and even entrepreneurial lawyers), along with others involved in Minnesota’s entrepreneurial community.

We have posted about the Minnesota Cup and its value to Minnesota’s entrepreneurial community too many times to count, so no need to belabor the point any further. However, if you’re at all curious about the competition or want additional support for your aspiring business or idea, I highly recommend that you consider participating this year as a way to advance your endeavor.

Can’t wait to attend some Minnesota Cup events and learn about all the exciting entrepreneurial activity of this year’s participants!  

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