Thursday, July 13, 2017

Watch this Space!

We at entreVIEW are pretty proud of this little blog. Sure, we’ve earned the immensely prestigious 25 Top Minnesota Blawg Award in the past, but it goes far beyond external affirmations.

Or does it? And how come this post is all about navel-gazing and not something really interesting, or quirky, or quirkily interesting?

Well, if you must know, we had a great post we were preparing for this spot, but at the last minute we were told by the author to hold it. Why? Because the New York Times had indicated to him that it might be interested in publishing it, but only if it hadn’t been published elsewhere first. If you look up the phrase “punch above your weight,” the dictionary will undoubtedly offer this as just one example.

So, dear readers, stay tuned. You never know when something you read here might be a scoop lusted after by some hoity-toity mainstream media outlet!

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