Wednesday, July 26, 2017

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Everyday Life

During a recent meeting with my book club—a dynamic group of women attorneys—the discussion turned to the “entrepreneurial spirit.” Often, conversations about entrepreneurs focus on folks that start companies. However, an entrepreneurial spirit is much more than starting a company—it is a way of approaching life and interacting with the world.

For example, my club discussed how an entrepreneurial spirit can lead individuals to seek out and create employment opportunities that work with the flow and balance of their lives. In this context, an entrepreneurial spirit manifests itself as creative work solutions that challenge conventional workplace norms such as being in the office for a set amount of hours, and acknowledging that many people are more productive while working from home or between 6 p.m. and midnight.

Our conversation got me thinking about how the entrepreneurial spirit can be implemented in everyday life. In his Wall Street Journal article entitled "What Entrepreneurship Can Teach Us About Life,", Dr. Stephen R.C. Hicks discusses how the traits that we typically associate with entrepreneurs (taking risks, thinking creatively, and challenging conventional thinking) are traits that we all have and should channel into our everyday lives. Hicks describes how as children we start off with these skills, but as we grow we embrace them less due to the fear of self-investment, the fear of failure or disapproval, and the belief that it is too late to change. 

Dr. Hicks asserts that we should make a habit of doing something new every day, whether taking an art class, exploring nature or trying a new dish. If you haven’t lately, maybe it’s time to ask yourself what you can do to better embrace your entrepreneurial spirit.

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