Thursday, May 21, 2015

What’s New in Town: The Spring Edition

Last fall, I wrote this post about new activities in the Twin Cities area. Since that time, Twin Cities entrepreneurs have been busy on some new things. So…just in time for the Memorial Day weekends of busy entrepreneurs, here’s my second installment: 

Trapped Puzzle Room.  Last weekend, a small group of puzzle lovers, including fellow entreVIEW author Dan Tenenbaum, had an opportunity to test out TRAPPED, a new team-based puzzle room experience in Uptown. *TRAPPED is scheduled to open to the public on Friday, May 29. Groups of 5-9 players are placed in a locked room filled with a series of intricate puzzles and a story surrounding them. The puzzles build upon one another, such that as the players solve one puzzle, they come closer to escaping the room. If the players haven’t escaped the room within an hour (you do get hints along the way if you get really stuck), they are freed and debriefed about the clues they missed. TRAPPED plans to initially offer players three different experiences: The Apartment, The Library, and The Workshop. Puzzle rooms are becoming wildly popular worldwide and can provide a great teambuilding experience with family, friends, or co-workers. Cost per person is $24.

Betty Danger’s Country Club. If you’ve driven through Northeast Minneapolis lately, you may have seen a Ferris wheel looming on the skyline. (Except it’s not technically a “Ferris wheel” — it’s “The Danger”). On the ground, you’ll find Betty Danger’s Country Club. Betty Danger’s is truly a one-of-a-kind experience — it’s part country-club and amusement park, features a plethora of outdoor-seating options, and specializes in cuisine that is Mexican and Hamptons-inspired. (Yes, that’s right, Betty Danger’s boasts that it is located in the “Village of Mexampton,” a combination of the two locales.) On the premises there is an 8 1/2-hole mini-golf course and, as previously mentioned, The Danger, a vertically-revolving patio complete with open-air dining cars. A typical ride on The Danger lasts 20 minutes and offers great views. A complete experience at Betty Danger’s will set you back a bit, but it’s definitely something I suggest you place on your summer to-do list.  

* Full disclosure (we are securities lawyers, after all), while TRAPPED was a really fun experience independent of any tie to Gray Plant Mooty, it is a client of our entrepreneurial services group!

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  1. I know this is an old post but how did you like Trapped? We'd love to bring your team over to our escape room as well! Check out PuzzleWorks and fire us off a message via Facebook or Instagram for the quickest response. Thanks!