Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CoCo Named Part of the Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Network

Local coworking space CoCo recently received some really good news.  CoCo was named one of seven locations in the Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Network.  This is great news for the Twin Cities and the tech entrepreneurs located here. As part of the tech hub network, CoCo and its members will receive funding from Google, discounts on Google products, and the ability to work with Google mentors. CoCo will also be able to participate in quarterly conference calls with the other tech hub networks to share their experiences and insights.

For those of you who don’t know, CoCo (which stands for coworking and collaborative space) has been operating two coworking spaces in Minneapolis and St. Paul, with a new location opening soon in Uptown. The CoCo location in downtown Minneapolis is on the old trading floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (very cool ambience).  CoCo has “members” who purchase time to work out of one of CoCo’s locations. Some companies or people have permanent space at a CoCo location, while others have memberships that permit them to use a location on a less permanent basis.   

In its announcement, Google said that it wanted to support a changing trend it has noticed in entrepreneurship over the last several years. That trend involves entrepreneurs working alongside other entrepreneurs in accelerators and coworking spaces, rather than holing up in a garage alone or with a few other people. 

Gray Plant Mooty’s entrepreneurial services group recognized this trend and became a CoCo supporter last year. In fact, several of the authors of this blog regularly spend time at and work from CoCo. As one of those regular attendees, I can attest that it has an unmistakable and palpable creative energy. With so many eager entrepreneurs in one space, you can always find an interesting conversation with someone you’ve never met before.  Ideally, you’ll make a connection with someone that will allow you to advance your business or concept. And if not, at least the coffee is pretty good.  

Having CoCo named as a Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Network is a big boost for our tech community and is validation of the great work that the CoCo team has done in creating a vibrant and inspiring environment for local entrepreneurs. 

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