Friday, October 21, 2011

Entrepreneurial Myth Busters—Golf Clubs and Gender

In my humble opinion, entrepreneurs tend to be people who think outside the box. In the world of golf, my favorite entrepreneurs are those that challenge generally held perceptions, especially when the perception is a myth. Myth busting: That’s one of the many reasons those of us in our Entrepreneurial Services Group like to work with entrepreneurs.    
A common golf myth is that “…women’s clubs are designed for women and men’s clubs are designed for men.” Obviously, men and women come in different sizes and with different athletic abilities. Some are the same size with similar athletic abilities. Of course, some women are taller and stronger than men (take a look at the women on the LPGA).
So, how can it be that club designers are able to design clubs that are gender specific? Based on some of the clubs on the market today, perhaps some shorter, weaker men should use “women’s clubs” and some taller and stronger women should use “men’s clubs.”   
Well, it has taken some smart, common-sense entrepreneurs, such as Tom Wishon, to bring the golf world to its senses, bust some myths, and state the obvious: “Properly fit golf clubs know no gender restrictions. They only know that they are matched to exactly how their owner swings.”  [See Tom Wishon with Tom Grundner, Twelve Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game (Cortero Publishing, 2009), p. 21]  Imagine that!
More importantly, because of the leadership of entrepreneurial club makers, some of the larger manufacturers and big box retailers are catching on and fitting clubs to your needs. Clubs that don’t fit are like shoes that don’t fit; they can make your day very painful!
Just because a manufacturer paints their clubs pink, don’t assume that they fit you as a woman. The next time you are in the market for clubs, find a local custom fitter or a retailer who will take the time to properly fit your clubs. Golf should be fun, not a pain.
Thanks to Tom Wishon and the many entrepreneurs who think outside the box and are “myth busters.”


  1. Well, you got a point there. Then it should be that there is no gender specific clubs so that men and women can be fair, specially when it comes to playing golf.

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