Friday, May 27, 2011

Custom Clubs—Why Should I Care

So, assuming you (like most folks) have read my initial blog post about the “Key to Happiness” (a reminder: happiness is based on your reasonable expectations), you may be wondering about whether there are ways to improve your golf game to meet your now appropriately placed expectations. It may not be obvious (because it sounds like something for scratch golfers or golf geeks—which it is), but you may want to consider custom golf clubs.

Okay, you ask, don’t pros use the same name-brand clubs that I can buy? Well, yes and no. Pros do use “name-brand” clubs, but they are generally custom-fitted to each pro. That is, they use shafts that are custom cut to fit, with shaft weights chosen based on individual swing speeds and tempos, with club heads custom weighted and lofted to fit their swing and physique.

But aren’t custom golf clubs expensive? They can be, but they don’t need to be. There are many “big box” golf stores that are starting to offer very reasonable custom club fitting services and there are many independent custom club makers.

Then why should I, regardless of my handicap or skill level, have custom clubs? Well, for the same reason that you don’t wear shoes that don’t fit or that were made for a person with different physical attributes. If you’re most comfortable running shoe is a 7 Narrow Nike, would you go to a 5K race in a 10 Wide Eddie Bauer Hiking boot? Probably not. You’d use the perfect size shoe for your intended purpose.

When it comes to golf clubs, they come in all sizes, shapes, and weights. They can easily be made to fit you, your physique, your conditioning, and, likely, your budget. A future post will cover some of the myths that large club manufacturers perpetuate in order to sell the public more clubs. Some of those myths lead many of us to purchase clubs that don’t fit us and certainly don’t help us reach our golfing goals or potential. Some branded clubs might actually be a detriment to our golf—especially if they aren’t a good fit.

But the good news is that reasonably priced custom clubs are becoming more available and the makers of major branded clubs are starting to understand what independent custom club makers have know for a long time—custom clubs can improve your game and maybe even your level of happiness.

Stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for the little extra "inspiration" I needed to make the move back to clubs that fit Nevin!! I had my custom clubs stolen three years ago, and I've been compensating in stance, grip, and just plain comfort using the clubs a friend gave me to use in the "interim". Well, three years is too long of an interim! Only downside is, I'll have to give up the best excuse I had for a bad round! :-))

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