Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome to EntreView…and What the Heck is it?

Thanks for taking the time to check out our EntreView blog. EntreView is being written by a group of us who work with (and sometimes have been) entrepreneurs. As members of the Entrepreneurial Services group at the Minneapolis-based law firm of Gray Plant Mooty, we frequently communicate with each other about issues that our clients and contacts are confronting in the entrepreneurial world. What we have come to realize is that our everyday contact with entrepreneurs has had an impact on our general mindset and world view.

It isn’t that we’re complaining about taking our client’s problems home with us; it’s just that we noticed that we tend to view whatever interests us through an entrepreneurial lens—you might say it’s a little akin to everything looking like a nail when you’re holding a hammer. So, we figured, why not share our entrepreneurial perspective with entrepreneurs and others who are interested. As a result, we created EntreView.

While we inevitably will post about legal topics of concern to entrepreneurs (we are lawyers after all, but don’t hold that against us), that isn’t our only focus. Whether it’s Nevin Harwood posting about “building things” (like bikes, golf clubs, cars, and businesses), Frank Vargas giving us “the view from Mountain View” (near Silicon Valley), where he currently resides much of the time, or Dave Morehouse (who also once lived in Mountain View, but never mind about that) sharing what he’s learned through feeding his voracious appetite for books (or his love of history and Indiana Jones, not necessarily in that order), we hope to impart our likes (and dislikes), interests, insights—and maybe even occasionally wisdom about life—as viewed through an entrepreneurial lens.

Thanks again for listening and please let us know if you have comments or suggestions along the way!

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